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I’m sorry, what did she say?

September 25, 2013

Ok, I’ve been absent for a while, that’s the perk of a “personal” blog.  You can run off for a while & come back whenever you want to.  Folks stressed me out last year with their bullshit defending an asshole so I took a hiatus & went on to do other phenomenal things away from all the stupid shit. Those of you that are friends on FB know that I didn’t let that one monkey stop my show.

Anyway, I don’t want to stir the pot in case some of those folks are still lurking looking for crap to play in.  Sooo, I’m going to get back to the business that I started with & got crap for.  That business, telling women that we don’t have to settle for shit.  We can do bad by ourselves.  I know this song is old but music is a huge part of my life & sometimes you can hear a song a million times before you really hear it for the first time.

I was driving today & bobbing my head to this tune….and then I heard it.  Since most of my music is enjoyed via Pandora, there is no rewind button.  I had to come home, pull that nonsense up on Youtube & listen to it again.  It happened at 1:43 in the video & then at 2:05.  The car that I…emphasis on I bought you?  Yeah, you could have another one of him in a minute, hell, you could have me in a minute, buy me a car!  I drive a Chevy with manual door locks & windows, seriously?

Here’s the lesson ladies, if his tired ass can’t support himself, you don’t have a man, you have a kid.  Plain & simple.  You should be able to pay your bills, buy your own home, car, clothes & your own dinner.  A man is like a handbag, he should be a want not a need & you should be the same for him.  Hee hee haa haa buy him a car!?  Ummm, hell no but thanks for playing….get your trifling, begging ass on down the road.  That goes for a man or a woman who is relying on another grown person to take care of them.  Nonsense.


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  1. Mae Wells permalink
    September 25, 2013 21:24

    There was a song years ago about this woman calling his other woman and telling her that everything that he has, she bought and for her to leave him alone. Laughing out loud, How silly can you be. What happened to the man taking care of himself. We as women have been paying for men for so long, that now they don’t want to do for themselves anymore.

    All that money you spent on him, you could have spent it on YOU!! That’s who I spend my money on. I humped for it, so it goes on the hump on my back. By taking care of these guys, you are making them weak. Let them grow up ladies and become responsible men, not little boys waiting for mommy to take care of them.

    • September 26, 2013 10:51

      Woman to woman was the song I think you are referring to. Yeah, that one makes me cringe too. I don’t understand a woman that is taking care of a man who actually believes she has a man. I’m all for helping when things are temporarily out of whack but like you said, I humped for it so I’m going to put it on my hump (that has me cracking up!) If he’s down on his luck & I need to kick in to help that’s one thing but clothing, feeding AND providing a car…OH HELL NO! That’s a kid & since mine are grown, I’m not in search of another one. I’ll get a dog if I want something else to take care of.

  2. July 10, 2014 11:51



  1. I’m sorry, what did she say? | Off My Chest

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